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When you arrive in Belgirate approaching from Arona, Meina and Lesa along the lakeside road (SS33) turn left at the Hotel Milano (Image 1 below) on to Via IV Novembre or turn right at the hotel if you are approaching from Stresa, La Sacca and Carcioni.

Follow the road around the corner until you come to a turning on your left (Via per Lesa) that goes under a bridge (Image 2 below), immediately on the other side of the bridge turn right continuing on Via per Lesa.

When you come to a junction turn left on to Via Panorama (Image 3 below) keep following this road along and then around a right hand corner keep heading up the hill a little more until you come to a road on your left signposted Riva dei Castagni (Image 4 below) leading up to a gate.

This is the entrance to the complex, it is advisable to press the button on the fob to open the gate at the beginning of the complex road before you drive up as the gate takes time to open.

Follow the road all the way up to the top of the complex, the house is the very top property it is called Palazzina Ghiro.

From the turn on the lakeside road (SS33) in Belgirate you can follow a yellow sign which says Relais dell'Arcadia (Image 5 below), this will direct you all the way, the signposted location is actually further up Via Panorama than the turning for the complex road entrance.

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